In The Beginning….

In the beginning there was the word, and what is it they say? The word is mightier than the sword? Actually it was the pen wasn’t it. Well, I think the meaning is the same. Take from that what you will. Here, in this newly created space hosted somewhere in the ether, I plan to write my thoughts, feelings and meanderings on a subject I love; Television. I don’t know why I love Television so much. Maybe it’s the ability of a great TV show to send a message to millions of people simultaneously. Yet, although that is an inspiring thought, I don’t really think this is the reason. I think what it really comes down to is this. A great TV show has the power to make me see myself reflected back. A great TV show shows the full spectrum of human interaction in all its greatness and inadequacy. You may think that is a whole lot of BS, and that is your prerogative. But here, I plan to write on any number of shows that I feel are worthy of further comment. I -we- are lucky to live in a time where there is such a spectrum of these shows, and I hope that with further discussion, we can discover more about the human condition, and the wonder of this medium to unite us. 

This is The Watch Word.